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Between 1952 and 1967 Britain carried out a number of atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean and at Maralinga, Australia, involving over 20,000 servicemen. Among these tests were the “Grapple Y” and “Grapple Z” series of six detonations at Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean (November 1957–September 1958), of weapons many times more powerful than those discharged at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The BNTVA is the charity for representing the Health, Wellbeing and Heritage of British Atomic Veterans. This Wiki has been created to share the factual and personal heritage of people involved in these remarkable events.

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Whilst developing the new BNTVA website we realised that a lot of the information on there would be better suited to a WIKI format allowing for a greater degree of user input. By hosting this section of our web presence at wikia we hope to produce a complete on-line encyclopaedia covering every aspect of the Atomic Tests and the lives of our Veterans. Please read enjoy and if possible contribute.

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